Volunteers Of India(VOI) Charitable and Social Trust


Volunteers of India (VOI) Charitable and Social Trust are a leading Child – Focused humanitarian organisations. Through development, relief and advocacy, we pursue fullness of life for everychild by serving the poor and oppressed regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender as a demonstration of God’s unconditional love for all people.

Formation of Volunteers of India Charitable (VOI) and Social Trust dates back to November 28, 2018. We were a group of friends involved in various social activities in different places for the past four years. Over a period of time we felt the need to form a larger team of expertise to reach out to more people and so was born VOI.

Our team has now expanded to 1830 Volunteers carrying out various activities in different areas. We envision a world where no child lives without love, shelter, education and support.


A simple Act can bring in a huge Change – That’s Volunteers of India(VOI) Charitable and Social Trust – WE ARE THE CHANGE! The roots of Volunteers of India(VOI) Can be traced back to the Vision we had to build an Educational Institution for the street kids so that they glimmer in the clors of rainbow through opportunity, dignity and hope and become the change within their communities.

We will mould each kid by identifying their unique talents and train them in that perspective. We would provide the dignity that comes from an educated mind, a healthy body, an honest day wage and a safe place to dwell. We are believers in Innovation. We are transparent in our works and translates every penny the trust receives into a smile on penurious kids.Love and courage when shared strengthens and magnifies. Volunteers of India(VOI) Charitable and Social Trust is an epitome of such positive Force.




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